Bulky Commodity Freight

        The bulky items usually include but not limited the following categories of goods:
        1.Audio / HIFI;
        2.Kitchen appliances(Oven / water purifier / coffee machine, etc.);
        3. Other appliances (fridge / washing machine / dryer / air conditioning / TV / oven, etc.);
        4. Musical instruments;
        5. Computers and auxiliary equipment (desktop / laptop computer / printer / fax machine / machine / liquid crystal displays, etc.);
        6. Bedding (sheets / cover / Quilt / pillow etc. );
        7. Home decoration ( furniture );
        8. Fitness equipment;
        9. Outdoor camping supplies.
        International freight is charged according to the weight and volume of commodity. Therefore, if your order is found to have a bulky commodity, the freight charges are likely to increase. onebound customer service will contact you, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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