How should I get the Coupons?

        Coupons can be obtained by redeeming your points or participating in activities.
        Four Coupon value: $5/$10/$20/$50.
        1. Redeem Points
        Coupons are only valid for 30 days.
        100 points can be redeemed for $1 worth coupon.
         Members can only redeem coupons worth $5;
        Gold members can redeem coupons worth $5/$10;
        Platinum members can redeem coupons worth $5/$10/$20;
        Diamond members can redeem coupons arbitrarily.

        2.get the coupons by activities
        onebound network distributes the coupons as the prizes by holding various activities.
        In addition, no matter what the coupons value are, they can be used to offset the service fee., but each time can only use one.
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